The Wix Restaurants Rendering API renders domain objects to HTML.

⚠ This API is currently in alpha, and may change without notice.


To render orders, use the following JSON-RPC endpoint:


Use the application/json content-type, and the following body:

{"jsonrpc": "2.0", "method": "renderNewOrder", "params": {...}, "id": 1}

where params is an object with the following fields:

name type required value
locale String yes The rendered locale, e.g. en_US
style String yes email, fax, receipt, sms, embedded, voice
distributor Distributor yes The restaurant’s distributor.
restaurant Restaurant yes The order’s restaurant.
menu Menu yes The restaurant’s menu.
order Order yes The order to render.
viewMode String yes     restaurant, customer
cardStyle String yes minimal
unbranded Boolean yes false