Integrating any online ordering system with a POS (point-of-sale) system requires dealing with three issues:

Wix Restaurants supports three use cases for menu management.

  1. POS-based: If the POS offers a web-based API for accessing menu data, Wix Restaurants can pull the data in real-time.
  2. Wix-based: Menu data is managed in Wix Restaurants, and periodically exported to the POS using the Wix Restaurants API.
  3. Independent: Menu data is managed in both systems independently, with Wix Restaurants items manually linked to the POS items by ID.

Order submission and handling

Wix Restaurants supports two use cases for sending orders to the POS.

  1. Push: Wix Restaurants POS SPI defines a simple webhook-based protocol that lets POS systems receive orders in real-time. This is our preferred integration method, as it offers the best customer experience.
  2. Pull: The POS can periodically (e.g. every 1 minute) query the Wix Restaurants API for new orders, import them, and mark them as accepted or rejected.

Payment processing

Wix Restaurants supports two use cases for processing customer payments.

  1. By the POS: Payment information is securely transferred to the POS for clearing. The POS must be PCI level 1 compliant.
  2. By Wix Restaurants: Wix Restaurants clears payments using a 3rd-party payment processor.