Main data structures


A Restaurant object holds the information associated with a single venue (a single physical location):

See: Finding your restaurant’s id

A Menu object holds the complete menu information for a Restaurant.

Menu information is hierarchical:

From a technical perspective, this whole thing is compacted to two fields in the Menu object:

  1. items: a list of Item objects.
  2. sections: a list of MenuSection objects. Top-level menu sections refer to menus, with their “children” field as the list of menu-sections.

Example: printing a menu


An Order object holds the information associated with a pickup or delivery:

Ordered items are represented as a list of OrderItem objects, where each member refers to some menu item, and holds a (hierarchical) list of corresponding variation choices.

Example: submitting a new order

Additional data structures


The Wix Restaurants API is localized by design, and any user-generated string can vary between locales: from the restaurant’s title to item descriptions.

A localized string is simply a map from locales to values. For example, a restaurant’s title may be represented as:

{"en_US":"The Testaurant","fr_FR":"Le Testaurant","he_IL":"המבדקה"}

API users should display the value associated with their locale of choice, falling back to the value associated with the restaurant’s default locale (as specified by Restaurant.locale) which is guaranteed to always exist.